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Sankey diagrams are a specific type of flow diagram, in which the width of the arrows is shown proportionally to the flow quantity. The illustration shows a Sankey diagram which represents all the

primary energy flows into a factory. The widths of the bands are directly proportional to energy production, utilization and losses. A Sankey diagram is an interesting visualization that uses the thickness of arrows to depict the flow-volumes in a system. The thicker the arrow, the more flow of energy, mass, or volume. Sankey graphics are easily read and quickly comprehended. In this article, we’ll explore the creation of Sankey diagrams using Visio, and we’ll offer our own free Visio Sankey diagramming shapes for your Minard is most well known for his cartographic

depiction of numerical data on a map of Napoleon's disastrous losses suffered during the Russian campaign of 1812 (in French, Carte figurative des pertes successives en hommes de l'Arm e Fran aise dans la campagne de Russie 1812–1813).The illustration depicts Napoleon's army departing the Polish-Russian border. Maps have been around for millennia and diagrams for hundreds of years, but representing quantities through graphics is a relatively new development. The following contains a (sometimes commented) glossary of terms related to lean manufacturing or production management with a brief definition. Faber-Castell (Firm) ¶ A.W. Faber (Firm) The Lead Pencil Manufactory of A. W. Faber at Stein near N rnberg,

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